MT Push all terrain attendant wheelchair

The MT Push – an all terrain attendant wheelchair that enhances both of the ‘users’ experience

Being able to access the outdoors is important for everyone, but for those needing the use of a wheelchair this can be prohibitive.  Whilst there are outdoor and off-road wheelchairs aimed at the ‘rider’ to enjoy the outdoor experience, if you are the family, friend or carer who is required to push and steer the wheelchair over un-even terrain it can be very difficult and hard work.

The second-hand Mountain Trike market

The Mountain Trike company has been trading now since 2011 – so I guess you’d say we have moved on from being an early stage startup and have earned our place as a viable business.  Since launch we have seen a steady increase in sales and territories we sell to – as has our product offering, with the launch of 3 new products over the last few years, not to mention upgrades and adaptations – just as well, or we wouldn’t be moving forward!