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The Kandu Group is a collection of UK based companies that work in the disability sector. We aim to support each other with business activities and cross-promotion. We meet regularly to offer advice and knowledge about all areas of running a business in the disability market. Many members of the group have a disability and others have experience of living with someone with a disability. We are a diverse group of companies selling both products and services.

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Georgia Carmichael kayaking

Georgia’s Journey

We love connecting with customers and often get tagged on social media by people who are using and loving our gripping aids. One such person to tag us is Georgia …

Wheelchair Trays and Occupational Therapy

Enhancing Independence and Function: The Role of Wheelchair Trays in Occupational Therapy Introduction Imagine the everyday challenges faced by individuals with mobility impairments. Picture Jane, a vibrant artist and teacher, …

Man carefully wiping a component in a workshop with a light overhead

Why we don’t do Black Friday

This title caught my eye on Instagram yesterday, and it resonated strongly with me. The post was from Patrick Grant about his brand Community Clothing. It reads as follows: What do …

Top 10 Gifts for Spinal Cord Injury

It’s that time of year again where we’re all starting to worry about what to buy our loved ones for Christmas… If someone you’re buying for has a Spinal Cord …

Which country has most Loopwheels?

Where are you most likely to meet a pair of Loopwheels out and about? in GERMANY! Yes, Germany is the country that buys more Loopwheels than any other. We’re a …