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The Kandu Group is a collection of UK based companies that work in the disability sector. We aim to support each other with business activities and cross-promotion. We meet regularly to offer advice and knowledge about all areas of running a business in the disability market. Many members of the group have a disability and others have experience of living with someone with a disability. We are a diverse group of companies selling both products and services.

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A black spoon with a cavity inside it holds a scoop of cereal and milk with the bowl in the background. The cavity inside the spoon ensures the food stays inside the spoon and doesn't spill.

How Can I Support Self-Feeding?

For many cultures around the world, mealtimes are a time to come together with friends or family. A time to relax, talk and bond. But for those facing significant difficulties …

Accessing New Zealand: part one

Have a disability and want to travel to New Zealand? Well you’re about read the adventures of Jasmine, who has Friedreich’s Ataxia and has come back to tell the tales! …