We set up Spokz People in 2009, after we discovered that many people with disabilities would prefer to speak to a therapist with disability knowledge and experience. 

All our therapists have personal experience with disability in some way.  They are all qualified to HE level 5 and are members of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), meaning that we all follow their ethical framework. Our therapists are also fully insured and supervised and have undergone full DBS checks.

We are also a Social Enterprise, a Community Interest Company, and a founding member of Kandu, a network of ethical disability organisations, as well as the non-profit arm of Spokz, a provider of wheelchairs, sports accessories and lifestyle equipment.

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1 month ago

Spokz People

I'm aware that for many of us, coming out of lockdown is a new level of anxiety and those around you just don't get it. Perhaps they seem blasé about the risks, or downplay your worries.

Valid worries if we look at the negative guidelines from NICE on disabled people receiving critical care in hospitals and the suspension of the Care Act.

When human minds find something too hard to reflect on or deal with, our mind has a way of denying the risks, even blocking them from awareness (dissociation) and distancing ourselves from the issue. Disability is uncomfortable for many and to cope with this, we create distance...this distancing is what is often at the root of guidelines, assessments and criteria on disabled people by medical and government bodies.

Most likely those around you are downplaying the risks because sitting with illness, disability and any frailty of the human body is hard, hard for us all, but perhaps harder for those who believe it won't happen to them (disability and covid)

We want to encourage you today by saying your worries are real, valid, OK and normal! Try and find someone who is not in denial that you can share your worries with. Online support is helpful too. The power of this shared understanding about being treated differently and ignored cannot be underestimated.
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2 months ago

Spokz People

Unable to access or before therapy right now? This FREE App 'In Love While Parenting' by the non profit organisation Human Improvement Project is a really helpful short course with simple ideas, videos and quizzes on how to improve relationships and bonding with those around you. Even if you're single or don't have kids the suggestions and ideas are useful to all. ... See MoreSee Less

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