Vibration reducing wheelchair wheels with integral suspension, designed and manufactured in the UK. 

Loopwheels minimise vibration, reduce fatigue and pain and give you a smoother ride – allowing you to travel further and longer. Loopwheels replace the rear wheels on your wheelchair to convert your active manual chair into one with suspension. Suspension can be especially welcome if you have a power attachment and so are travelling faster in your chair, as you will be feeling every bump and jolt! But they can also help people who don’t use power too.

Studies have shown that wheelchair users are exposed to levels of vibration that are damaging and that this can affect health and quality of life. Exposure to whole body vibration has been associated in particular with fatigue and pain, especially lower back pain. It’s important to reduce exposure to whole body vibration. Loopwheels can reduce vibration by 70% compared with other wheels, so alongside a good quality cushion and chair Loopwheels help contribute to your comfort, health and well-being. And enable you to get out and about more comfortably, for longer!

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