A First Summer Season with ‘Our’ Mountain Trike off road wheelchair

I say ‘our’ Mountain Trike – yet it is of course Angela’s. It is her Trike, her set of wheels, and very proud of it she is too. Angela was taken ill with a severe brain hemorrhage early in 2014 which took away her balance control and affected the coordination in her limbs – getting out and about required a wheelchair. The episode marked the start of a lengthy rehabilitation programme as Angela worked to regain her independent mobility – something that was going to span a number of years. At the start of 2015 what we could do that would enable us both to get out in to the outdoor world again. We live in Northumberland right on the edge of the Cheviot Hills and just a short drive away from the long sandy beaches of the north east coast up to Berwick upon Tweed. We have walked…

MT Evo wheelchair control instructions

The MT Evo is a Mountain Trike which has been adapted for users with limited hand function, it offers the same outstanding off road performance but has simpler controls. Please view or download the below PDF instruction sheet on how to brake and drive the MT Evo.  As well as tips on how to ride: MT-Evo-control-instructions For further information about all our products please see the website.