SDMotion Trike dimensions

SDMotion Trike dimensions to help with transporting

The SDMotion Trike has been designed with transportation in mind so you can visit your favourite outdoor places that aren’t on your doorstep. Some vehicles will be big enough to fit the SDMotion Trike without having to fold it or you may have a rack fitted to your vehicle that the Trike can sit and be secured onto. The SDMotion Trike can be folded to a cube and will fit into the boot of most hatchback cars. The SDMotion Trike has quick-release wheels which can easily be removed to help with transporting and the joystick is also removable. The Trike weights 37.2kg without the battery. The SDMotion Trike measurements are 130cm x 73cm x 88.5cm. When folded the dimensions are 87cm x 61cm x 58cm. The images below show the dimensions of the assembled Trike and the dimensions of the Trike when folded:Dimensions of the SDMotion Trike joystick powered…

ePush all terrain wheelchair how to use video

The ePush is our electric assist all terrain wheelchair. The steering, braking and driving takes place in the push handle located behind the seated rider. The ePush is designed to tackle uneven ground and offers a safe and comfortable ride and is very popular with families looking for an outdoor wheelchair. It can be pushed manually and when the going gets tough, such as steeper and tougher terrain it can be easily switched to electric assist mode. In this video, inventor Tim Morgan explains how to use, ride and work the eKit of the ePush. For full specification and product information visit the ePush product page.