Logo colour choices of loopwheels, vibration-reducing wheels for wheelchairs

New Products For 2018

Logo colour choices of loopwheels, vibration-reducing wheels for wheelchairs

We’ve introduced 3 fantastic new push rims to loopwheels, our vibration-reducing wheels for wheelchairs. We now have a push rim to suit every hand and every budget. Plus two new logo options. Little differences can make a BIG difference!   TETRA-GRIPP PUSH RIMS:  NEW to Loopwheels. ‘This aluminium pushrim is completely encased with an anti-slip plastic coating for quadriplegics or other… Read more

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Umbrella holder for your Mountain Trike wheelchair

Well, given all this rain, rain and more rain (oh and some snow too) in the UK of late, we thought a post about an umbrella holder for your Mountain Trike might be rather apt. As the saying goes ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’  (or equipment) – so (apparently) there is no excuse for blaming bad weather for not getting outside – and lets face it there is no better feeling than coming back inside after an exhilarating ride out for feeling all refreshed and self righteous.  But, sometimes the rain coat and over trousers just don’t do it and maybe you want to protect your beloved Mountain Trike from getting a soaking from time to time. So, when we were contacted by customer Stacey with a rather nifty umbrella holder we thought we’d share it on here so you too can take shelter when need be. …

Ergonomic pushrims in the UK from Loopwheels, by Carbolife

Design appreciation… from ‘H’ in Brighton

Ergonomic pushrims in the UK from Loopwheels, by Carbolife

“Dear Emma,                   I am writing to express my thanks for my Loopwheels, I received them yesterday. Wow, an amazing inspirational design of genius. The reduction of jolting and vibration will be truly welcomed. The Carbolife push rims are excellent. I will phone soon, to order Carbolife Curve L with 6 tabs and the new… Read more

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The MT Push is perfect for accessing Church Farm

Joby can enjoy the farm thanks to his all terrain attendant wheelchair – the MT Push

We wanted to buy Joby a special needs Trike when he was younger because he loved riding a bike but couldn’t without the stabilisers. Joby is 26 and we needed a sturdier Trike that offered more stability and was obviously safer for him.  After researching the internet for outdoor wheelchairs or trikes we discovered the Mountain Trike company - an all terrain wheelchair company based in the UK who manufacture a number of off road wheelchair products -  one of them was a MT Push which is a buddy chair (or attendant wheelchair) and looked like it could be the answer. As soon as we tried the MT Push we knew that it would be perfect for Joby to help us all get out and about and enjoy the outdoors together.  Also, Joby really enjoys going to Church Farm in Ardeley, Herts.  The farm runs a rural day centre for young adults with special needs.  It boasts a number…