Joby can enjoy the farm thanks to his all terrain attendant wheelchair – the MT Push

We wanted to buy Joby a special needs Trike when he was younger because he loved riding a bike but couldn’t without the stabilisers. Joby is 26 and we needed a sturdier Trike that offered more stability and was obviously safer for him. 

After researching the internet for outdoor wheelchairs or trikes we discovered the Mountain Trike company – an all terrain wheelchair company based in the UK who manufacture a number of off road wheelchair products –  one of them was a MT Push which is a buddy chair (or attendant wheelchair) and looked like it could be the answer.

As soon as we tried the MT Push we knew that it would be perfect for Joby to help us all get out and about and enjoy the outdoors together.  Also, Joby really enjoys going to Church Farm in Ardeley, Herts.  The farm runs a rural day centre for young adults with special needs.  It boasts a number of animals, a farm shop, a woodland trail and camping facilities amongst other things and is open to the public.

The young adults work on the farm doing a number of activities to suit their individual needs. They feed and care for the animals. They plant and cultivate. They craft and maintain the farm.  Everyone who attends has a number of different abilities and nothing is off limits to them.  

With Joby particularly, they set him no limits …..which often happens with Joby due to his condition and physical capabilities. Church Farm and more importantly the people who work alongside the co workers give the young adults the opportunity to learn and develop different skills. It’s an amazing place.

The MT Push is perfect for accessing Church Farm
Joby enjoys learning new skills at Church Farm

Joby goes 3 times a week. Initially we were concerned with Joby accessing an outdoor scheme like this as his condition, Dravet Syndrome, is a devastating epilepsy syndrome that is temperature sensitive. Meaning he has all types of seizures and is particularly vulnerable with changes in temperature. Working outside he is exposed to all different climates and temperatures.  The team are fantastic at recognising when he is more at risk and act accordingly.

It has turned out to be Joby’s  favourite activity and that’s why he goes 3 times a week now.

The stimulation and interaction he gets from Church Farm is invaluable. It keeps him healthy as his mind is focused and he is less likely to have seizures when he is motivated.

Not so sure about these smelly pigs!
The MT Push is perfect for getting around the farm so Joby can help feed the animals

The MT Push Trike will enhance Joby’s experience at Church Farm as he will now be able to access all areas of the farm.

Dionne (Joby’s Mum)

February 2018