Fast Aid Scotland Mountain Trike distributor

Fast Aid, part of John Preston Healthcare new distributor in Scotland for Mountain Trike

Fast Aid Products Ltd is part of the John Preston Healthcare Group and are a leading supplier of medical equipment and home care have recently been appointed as distributor of Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair products in Scotland. Fast Aid have a large showroom and warehouse facilities located in Edinburgh but also have a team of product specialists available to provide home demos and assessments. Fast Aid started in Scotland in 1974 and have been part of John Preston for over a decade and have a wealth of experience and expertise in the mobility sector.Fast Aid’s large showroom and warehouse located in Edinburgh now offer the Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair as part of their product range Tim Morgan, Managing Director, said. “It’s fantastic to have Fast Aid on board as distributor of the Mountain Trike products. We’ve been working with the team at John Preston for a number…

The endless possibilities of visiting Australia

Australia is a big country with many interesting places, things and animals to visit and see. This is why tourists enjoy heading down under so much. Another thing that makes Australia interesting for tourists is that the country welcomes everyone. Travelers with disabilities visiting Australia won’t have to worry about not being able to fully …

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Seat back heights available on the Mountain Trike products

Here at Mountain Trike we try to be as flexible as we can be when it comes to our products and we offer a number of adaptations and accessories – after all one size doesn’t fit all and people have different preferences and needs. Some of the parts on the Mountain Trike are standard and can’t be adjusted, but one thing we do offer is a variety of seat back heights to help with comfort and support. The different sizing can be confusing (well, it can be for us), so to help we explain it below and also have outlined the different sizes on the handy PDF document below (click link to view/download). Lever Drive Models (MT5, eTrike, MT Evo) standard seat back height is 320mm high. Push Models (MTPush, ePush) standard seat back height is 420mm high. Seat height options available: 420mm back height available for Lever Drive…

MS awareness 'Hope' with the O replaced with the orange ribbon

MS Awareness Week

MS is a condition that affects many of our customers or their loved ones. In the UK, 1 in 500 people live with MS. Even if you don’t know anyone with it directly, most people have heard of and are aware of it. However, the vast majority are still largely unaware of what the condition […]

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