Seat back heights available on the Mountain Trike products

Here at Mountain Trike we try to be as flexible as we can be when it comes to our products and we offer a number of adaptations and accessories – after all one size doesn’t fit all and people have different preferences and needs.

Some of the parts on the Mountain Trike are standard and can’t be adjusted, but one thing we do offer is a variety of seat back heights to help with comfort and support.

The different sizing can be confusing (well, it can be for us), so to help we explain it below and also have outlined the different sizes on the handy PDF document below (click link to view/download).

Lever Drive Models (MT5, eTrike, MT Evo) standard seat back height is 320mm high.

Push Models (MTPush, ePush) standard seat back height is 420mm high.

Seat height options available:

  • 420mm back height available for Lever Drive models
  • 470mm back height available for all models
  • 520mm back height available for all models
  • A modified back rest can also be added e.g. custom angled (plus whatever cushion height required)

See the accessories tab on each product page for the pricing of the various seat heights.

Customers may wish to have taller back support tubing, but use the standard cushion, leaving a gap at the base between the base cushion and back cushion, there is no extra cost for this.


All seating heights need to be confirmed at the time of ordering your new Mountain Trike. Please contact us if you have any further questions.