An everyday athlete picture showing a wheelchair users on a path with mountains in the background.

Everyday Athlete

Our friend, Ben from Adapt to Perform, has launched the Everyday Athlete campaign. This campaign highlights how those with mobility issues are overcoming obstacles every day. Ben runs adaptive fitness classes that help users to tackle the everyday athletic tasks that they face. That could be lifting your wheelchair in and out of the car, […]

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Disability dating sites: we round up the best

two people with visible disabilities, enjoying a romantic moment in a beautiful outdoor setting. They are holding hands across a small, cozy table set with a candlelit dinner. The setting is an enchanting garden with soft, ambient lighting highlighting the surrounding flowers and greeneryIn the ever-evolving landscape of online dating, niche markets have risen prominently to cater to a diverse array of preferences and needs. Among these, disability dating sites have carved out a critical space, offering individuals with disabilities a platform to find companionship, love, and support. Since our last update in 2018, the digital world has …

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Rob mid-race in his racing wheelchair overtaking two other wheelchair racers

A ‘Stellar’ Achievement – completing the six-star medal

When he’s not in the office our CEO, Rob Smith, can generally be found putting in the miles on his racing wheelchair. Whether that’s down at the track with his training group, the GoDivas, on a rolling road in his garage or out along country roads… Rob rarely allows himself a break from training! A fairly […]

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public transport wheelchair access

Transport: travelling on public transport with your Mountain Trike

The Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair products have been designed to help get wheelchair users outside, mainly off-road, but some customers will use their Trikes in urban settings or need to travel to get to their favourite outdoor green spaces. Our products can be folded down to a cube size of 28 inches by 28 inches (84cms), they are fairly lightweight 20kg manual models and 25kg for the e-models, they fit into the boot of a regular sized hatchback. However, if you don’t have a car or want to travel using public transport the question is will the Trike fit on a bus or train? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer and public transport can be a challenge with the Trike as it very much depends on the design of the bus or train in the area you are travelling. Some buses/trains have double doors and ramps and…

Top Ten Influential Disabled Women in Britain

digital illustration showcasing a diverse group of women with disabilities, engaged in various activities that highlight their achievements and contributions to society.UPDATED 2024  – The Top Ten Influential Disabled Women in the UK 10 Influential Women with Disabilities to Follow in 2024 Key Takeaways Table Name Role Followers Achievements Katie Piper Best-selling Author, TV Presenter 1.4 Million Advocate for burn victims, Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation Sophie Morgan TV Presenter, Co-founder of Making Space 121,000 …

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