Transport: travelling on public transport with your Mountain Trike

The Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair products have been designed to help get wheelchair users outside, mainly off-road, but some customers will use their Trikes in urban settings or need to travel to get to their favourite outdoor green spaces.

Our products can be folded down to a cube size of 28 inches by 28 inches (84cms), they are fairly lightweight 20kg manual models and 25kg for the e-models, they fit into the boot of a regular sized hatchback. However, if you don’t have a car or want to travel using public transport the question is will the Trike fit on a bus or train?

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer and public transport can be a challenge with the Trike as it very much depends on the design of the bus or train in the area you are travelling.

Some buses/trains have double doors and ramps and a reasonable amount of empty space inside specifically for wheelchairs. Airport buses/trains are normally very accessible and some London buses that have doors in the middle as well as at the end can be workable. However, many provincial ‘traditional’ bus/train designs may well be a challenge. As the Trike is designed primarily as an ‘all terrain’ trike for use in the great outdoors, the dimensions are often not compatible with public transport.

The width of the Trike, from hub to hub is 74cm and the fully assembled length is 132cm. As mentioned above the Trike does fold into a cube for transportation in a car but this can be tricky to do this on public transport.

If you are planning to travel using public transport we always recommend contacting the network provider who should be able to provide information about their wheelchair access and dimensions of their public transport vehicles.

public transport wheelchair access
Travelling on public transport with your Trike does come with challenges so it is always best to check directly with the network provider for clarity.

If you have any additional queries or have had a positive experience travelling with your Mountain Trike using public transport, please get in touch.