The MT Push – an all terrain attendant wheelchair that enhances both of the ‘users’ experience

Being able to access the outdoors is important for everyone, but for those needing the use of a wheelchair this can be prohibitive.  Whilst there are outdoor and off-road wheelchairs aimed at the ‘rider’ to enjoy the outdoor experience, if you are the family, friend or carer who is required to push and steer the wheelchair over un-even terrain it can be very difficult and hard work.

However, the MT Push – an all terrain attendant wheelchair, has been designed specifically with both the Rider and the Pusher in mind and has the ability to be pushed over a variety of terrain with ease.

If you are a wheelchair user, but less confident in manoeuvring a wheelchair yourself or you have a child or elderly parent who is unable to self propel but still want to enjoy days out the MT Push could be a really good option.

The MT Push is designed to the highest quality and offers a robust performance, it is comfortable to operate with user-friendly features. The steering and braking takes place, by the riders buddy, using the adjustable push handle located behind the rider. The two large wheels and rugged chassis make the MT Push a joy to push over a variety of terrain – wet grass, muddy trails, uneven paving and sand takes little effort to push over. Hydraulic brakes provides excellent propulsion control and braking over difficult ground and up steep hills.  And the air suspension offers the rider a smooth, comfortable ride when dropping off curbs, riding over cobbles and tree roots, but also means the pusher can confidently turn or travel across slopes safely. 

MT Push all terrain attendant wheelchair
MT Push – a joy to use and great for family days out

The Mountain Trike Company have many happy MT Push customers who are able to enjoy days out with family and friends knowing that they can confidently access outdoor spaces where previously they wouldn’t have been able to venture too.

The MT Push was originally developed and evolved following discussions with the National Trust who were looking to provide all terrain friendly wheelchairs to their outdoor spaces for all to enjoy – a number of MT Push fleets are now available at a growing number of National Trust sites across the UK. 

MT Push at Cliveden
MT Push is available for visitors to use at various National Trust sites throughout the UK

Louise Whitehead discovered the MT Push back in 2017 – Louise is an avid mountain biker and loves nothing more than riding out in Dunkeld in Scotland and sharing the outdoor space with her son Andrew, who has special needs – development delay, visual impairment and epilepsy. Louise connected with Adam Flint at Progression Bikes, a distributor of the Mountain Trike products, when Adam rode past Louise who was struggling to push Andrew over a muddy, rooty trail and suggested she try a Mountain Trike – self propel all terrain wheelchair. Louise was immediately impressed with the Trike and how easy it was at negotiating roots and bog, however due to Andrew’s cognitive impairment he was unable to self-propel the Trike. When Adam mentioned the MT Push it was a no brainer for Louise – with a love of the outdoors and the difficulties of enjoying it with Andrew over the last 16 years, Louise was extremely excited that this could potentially change their lives immeasurably.

Louise set up a crowdfunding page to help with the funding for the MT Push and when the target was reached the major debate over colour choice was made! The MT Push arrived just before Christmas as promised and Louise and Andrew were out the following day and tackled rooty, muddy trails in the Tentsmuir Forest, negotiated the dunes and across the sands of Kinshaldie Beach near St Andrews.

Hills will keep Louise fit but as her other son, Robert, studying Mech Eng at Strathclyde Uni, said, “it wants to go itself…’s so well designed”

MT Push all terrain wheelchair
MT Push – perfect for family adventures and exploring off the tarmac

Since having the MT Push Louise and Andrew have had many outdoor adventures and haven’t let anything get in their way – snow, mud, sand, camper van holidays  – the freedom to explore the outdoors are endless and for Louise the MT Push has been the most practical wheelchair choice and is the perfect family all terrain attendant wheelchair for her and her family.

The MT Push offers maximum durability whilst remaining lightweight and has been made with transportation in mind – weighing 20kg and can be folded down to a cube size of 28inches by 28inches (84 cms).  It fits into the boot of a normal sized hatchback.

There are many compatible adaptations available including a headrest, lateral supports, mud guards, multi-rack and the Mountain Trike company are also partnered with SOS seating who can provide special custom molded seats.

For further product information about the MT Push and to read further customer feedback please visit the website.