eKit battery charging safety advice

We’ve provided information in the past about our eKit battery care and how best to charge your battery. In light of recent news around the potential risk of fires caused by eBike battery charging it feels like a good time to update our recommendations and provide further safety advice.

Available as a dowloaded file is a really useful official resource sheet on guidance from the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), so please take a look at the sheet. Of particular importance is that charging overnight is highlighted as not best practise.

NFCC guidance sheet

The key points to take from the NFCC advice, plus some extra information form our own experience with the batteries are:

  • Charge batteries whilst you are awake and alert so if a fire should occur you can respond quickly. Don’t leave batteries to charge while you are asleep or away from the home.
  • Always unplug charger after charging – do not ‘trickle charge’ long term as that is unsuitable for this type of battery.
  • Ensure effective smoke alarms are installed in the area where you charge your battery.
  • Think fire safety in terms of the location of your charging, avoid areas near exits or corridors.
  • Only use the approved charger provided with the Mountain Trike.
  • Check your battery for damage and immediately stop using it if there are signs of crack in the casing or other damage.

The fire council does highlight that many of these reported fires are from low quality or counterfeit battery products, so we can reassure you that we only use high quality batteries and chargers bought directly from the reputable manufacturer.

If you have a spare battery, it is advisable to store at around 50% charge. This may require periodic ‘top up’ charging as storing the battery fully flat for long periods of time can cause cells to over discharge and cease working. Or alternate between the 2 batteries you have so that both batteries are used and maintained.

    Also read our previous blog piece for more information on our eKit battery care.