A New YouTube Playlist Coming Soon

Wheelchair Pushing Diaries is a new playlist soon to go live on my YouTube channel. It’s a playlist currently ‘in the works’. I’m uploading videos and editing them as fast as possible. But there all PRIVATE at the minute. Until the new YouTube playlist coming soon is ready to go!

A New Playlist Coning Soon
New Playlist

What are Wheelchair Pushing Diaries?

Wheelchair Pushing Diaries is a series of videos of me pushing. Pushing my Tilite wheelchair around with a GoPro camera mounted to my chest. With the editing, there is a commentary on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. The actions I’m taking to manoeuvre my wheelchair, be safe and where I’m heading (roughly – some videos, I’m in an unfamiliar location).

Wheelchair Pushing Diaries


Why have I done this?

This exciting new series of videos is to show that having good wheelchair skills enables you to be confident using a wheelchair. This helps keep you fit and healthy and can prevent too many transfers getting in and out of the car – if you’re going to the shops, for example. In addition, it also provides a good sense of well-being, especially at this time of year, Spring. Being outside, the sun on your face, the wind rustling your hair and hearing the blackbird sing.

Who’s it for?

This playlist is for anyone.

If you use a wheelchair and what to be inspired, it’s for you. If you have an interest in wheelchairs, then this could be for you. Whether you use a wheelchair, have a loved one that uses a wheelchair or even sell, manufacture or maintain these life-changing devices, it could be something for you too!

A New Playlist Coming Soon

Where Have I Been? What’s on the list?

So far, waiting in the Youtube private bin on the channel. Trips around two villages in South Bucks, one of which involves walking a very slow, stubborn dog that sniffs a lot. A couple of videos checking out Leamington Spa.

In the editing bin is a couple of videos involving a trip around Harrow, a suburb of West London, and a stint here and there in Aylesbury town centre,

What’s Coming?

New YouTube Playlist Coming Soon

After the playlist has gone live, I intend to upload a video as often as possible.

I’ve already been asked to wheel in the village of Stoke Mandeville. There is a path with a steep, terrifying camber. So defiantly worth a look to try and get some footage of it.

I have a skills session approaching at a client’s location in a city in Cambridgeshire, 76 miles north of London. This city has a cathedral with the River Nene running through it. It is also home to the UK passport office.

Visiting Camden Town in London is always a blast. Great atmosphere and vibe. With its canal towpaths, market and vibrant shop signs, I hope to capture some good shots there – just a matter of getting there first – another adventure!

Not forgetting

I like curry.

The Quick Curry House Review

Whenever I go for one, I like trying a new restaurant. When I was in Leamington Spa for a wheelchair skills session, I visited a tasty Indian Restaurant and could add it to my Quick Curry House Review playlist.

So If I go somewhere and record a Wheelchair Pushing Diaries video, there might also be a Quick Curry House Review video made while I’m there.

New Playlist Coming Soon

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