Gadgets for Arthritis: Out and About

The last in our series of Gadgets for Arthritis covers products that can help you when you are out and about. Whether you’re gardening or fishing, driving or dog walking; we have aids to ease those aching joints:

key with Keywing being used to unlock a door
Give your key wings!

For that bit of extra grip when locking/unlocking doors, try the Keywing. An inconspicuous bit of plastic that clips over the base of the key, giving you a larger surface to hold onto when turning.

If you prefer a thicker base to hold onto then there’s the Key Turner. It can hold up to 3 keys and operates like a Swiss army knife, storing the keys inside until you pull one out for use.

high grip steering wheel cover on car steering wheel. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.
Grippy cover for your steering wheel

To reduce joint aches caused by firmly gripping the car steering wheel there’s the High-Grip Steering Wheel Cover. This high friction, silicone cover fits snugly over the wheel, allowing you to hold and turn it using less grip. Great for reducing strain on long journeys.

Rob fishes for octopus in his garden to demonstrate how the Strong arm 2 works
Arm cuff that holds your fishing rod

Fishing is a great, relaxing pastime that can become problematic when arthritic joints make it difficult to grip the rod. Thankfully our Strong Arm 2 fishing aid fits comfortably around your wrist, completely taking away the need for grip. The rod slides securely into the cuff, allowing you to cast and reel to your heart’s content.

Cultivator with cuff for added stability
Right-angled gardening tools reduce strain

If you like putting your green fingers to work in the garden but struggle gripping the tools needed then try our Garden Tool Pack. Inside you’ll find a cultivator fork with right-angled handle, perfect for weeding and breaking up the soil; a trowel with right-angled handle, great for digging and planting; and an arm support cuff which slots into the back of the cultivator/trowel. The cuff distributes the weight more evenly across the arm whilst greatly reducing the stress on the hand.

For an even firmer grip, use in conjunction with our General Purpose Gripping Aid. Each item found in the pack can be purchased separately.

Black Magloc on Mollie's collar
Connect your dog lead magnetically

If you’re wanting to spend some time outdoors with your furry friend then take a look at our Pet Pack. It contains 3 great animal aids.

Firstly there’s the Pet Grooming Glove; a two sided wearable brush used for removing excess fur and massaging your pet, ensuring they look and feel their best.

Then there’s the MagLoc Connector; a magnetic connector that fits to your pet’s lead and collar, meaning that when you want to take them for a walk you just need to put the magnetic ends together rather than fiddle about with clips. When you’re done just press the sides to disconnect.

Finally there’s the Handy Leash dog lead whose neoprene ‘handle’ slips over your hand and fits like a glove. It gives you a secure grip to your pet without the need for firm fingers. Works perfectly in conjunction with the MagLoc. Each item found in the pack can be purchased separately.

So there we have it, a comprehensive list of gadgets and gizmos to help make life more manageable and lessen the stress that arthritis can bring. Head over to our shop page and tick the ‘Arthritis’ box on the left hand side to see our full list of relevant products, including all the ones listed here and more!

This article is part of a series of four. If you missed the others, you can find gadgets for Personal Care, In the Kitchen and Around the House.

Gareth Herridge

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