New Product – the Mountain Trike Push off road wheelchair

Mountain Trike launches new product – the Mountain Trike Push

Mountain Trike – the all-terrain wheelchair company have expanded their product range and announce the launch of the Mountain Trike Push (MT Push), which is being marketed as an attendant wheelchair or buddy chair.

The MT Push will still have very similar features to the Mountain Trike but instead of having the unique lever drive system where riders can propel themselves leaving them with clean hands, there is a removable adjustable push handle located behind the user, which is where the steering and braking takes place by the riders buddy.  The drive levers have been replaced with adjustable armrests for rider comfort.  The MT Push will provide inclusive access to a wide variety of terrain, mud, gravel, grass, snow, sand and uneven pathways.

Talking about the new product development, Managing Director and Inventor, Tim Morgan, says, “Our philosophy at Mountain Trike is all about allowing access outdoors for everyone, we listen to our customers and where possible try to adapt to their needs and requirements.  Primarily, the MT Push came about following discussions we’d been having with the National Trust.  We had met with them on several occasions to show them the Mountain Trike and whilst they loved the product and could see the real benefit of having a Mountain Trike available at certain National Trust locations, they felt their visitors would be more suited to an ‘attendant’ style chair to make their offering more inclusive.  After many discussions, lots of prototyping and testing I’m delighted to announce that the MT Push will be our second product available from the Mountain Trike range.  From a technical point of view the MT Push will feature a strong yet lightweight aluminium chassis to cope with rough terrain, air suspension for a comfy ride and hydraulic disc brakes for excellent all weather control.  Handrims have been added for rider safety and the ergonomic adjustable seat can be adaptable for special requirements.  For rider comfort there are adjustable armrests and as with the Mountain Trike it comes with a 3 year warranty and choice of any colour frame.”

Tim goes onto say, “It has been great working with the National Trust on this new product, I’m really excited to have added this new chair to our product range and have no doubt that it will allow more wheelchair users to get outdoors and enjoy inclusive access.”

Roger Crawford, Sales & Operations Manager at the Mountain Trike Company adds, “We talk to so many customers with varying abilities and it is great to now be able to offer an alternative off-road wheelchair.  The MT Push can open up access to the outdoors for some wheelchair users who don’t have good upper-body strength to propel themselves. The lightweight, effortless MT Push means that their buddy will have no problem accompanying them and helping them access the outdoors over any terrain with ease – allowing enjoyment for everyone.  Whilst we predominately see the bulk of our sales coming from organisations we do also believe we’ll be dealing direct with customers too.  I’ve worked with Tim and the National Trust over the last several months on the development of the MT Push so it is fantastic to finally see the product out in the market place and orders coming in.”

The Mountain Trike Company have already received an order for three of the MT Push from the National Trust and they will soon be available for wheelchair customers visiting Brownsea Island, in Poole.  Talking about the MT Push, Claire Dixon, Visitor Services & Enterprise Manager at the National Trust Brownsea Island site, says, “The National Trust is very pleased to be able to offer visitors free use of these manual wheelchairs that can really cope with our more challenging terrain. Brownsea Island is thrilled to be the first to offer these for the 2015 season so that our less mobile visitors can independently explore this beautiful place.”

Discussions are underway for other appropriate National Trust locations throughout the UK.  And the Mountain Trike Company have also received an order for the MT Push from the Canadian Parks to allow visitors access to the parkland in Canada.

The MT Push launch also coincides with the company’s new website where customers can view detail about each product range, information, videos, trails and customer testimonials.

The MT Push will retail for £3,295 which includes free UK delivery, a 3 year warranty and a choice of any colour frame.  Further specific information about the product can be viewed on  here  and for more general information about the Mountain Trike Company please click here  or Contact Us.