Materials: Make Your Own Gripping Solutions

Introducing the newest addition to our shop: materials.

At Active Hands we have a wealth of solutions for reduced hand function. Our shop has over 100 products, all designed to make life easier and more accessible. However, we know that solutions are not ‘one size fits all’ and that sometimes, the best solution is the one you craft yourself.

After 20+ years of manufacture and product development, we have built up a great knowledge of versatile materials. Many of our materials have to be ordered in large quantities but we know that you don’t want to purchase 5000 meters of webbing for one project! That’s why we have decided to add this new section to our website.

These materials are all used in our manufacture processes. This means we buy them in bulk, which in turn means we can offer small quantities at reasonable prices.

What Materials Do We Offer?

The materials on offer include: webbing and Velcro, as used in our gym gripping aids; elastic and toggles as used in our hair ties, and more. We can’t wait to see what you do with them!

What Can I Make?

Backpacks, Straps and Crafts

Here are some ideas for things you could make with our materials:

  • Plastic Toggles are commonly used on face masks, drawstrings, clothing, backpacks, shoe laces, tents and more!
  • Use your Elastic Shock Cord for bags, camping (replacing the elastic in tent poles), garments or simply to secure items.
  • We use webbing in many of our products. It is versatile and washable and therefore ideal for outdoor uses, bag straps and sporting goods.
  • We stock branded Hook and Loop sew-on Velcro suitable for machine or hand-sewing on to virtually any material. For those with reduced hand function, Velcro is generally easier to use than buttons or other fastening alternatives.
  • You can attach O Rings to your bag or rucksack to help pull the strap tight – or you can attach it to webbing to help thread it through a hole or buckle.
  • Keep the ends of your webbing tidy with the rectangular buckles. These are commonly used with webbing as part of backpacks, waist packs and crafts.
  • The durable d-rings are suitable for use with our 50mm webbing options. They are also great for use on straps for bags, luggage, and more.
  • The tri-glides can be used on bags, and in combination with buckles and webbing. They can also be used on straps for camping and hiking equipment.
  • You can add extra hand grips, knobs or textures to anything with the FixIt strips. Just melt them in boiling water for 1m.
  • Use the Cat Tongue Tape to add a grippy but not sticky surface to items such as travel mugs, bottles, footplates, things you hold in your lap and more.

Racing Glove Accessories

  • We have carefully chosen the self-adhesive foam because it offers the right level of impact resistance to cushion the more sensitive parts of the hand when wearing hard racing gloves. You can also use it to protect surfaces or add padding to other products.
  • We have developed this rubber for optimum performance in wheelchair racing. It has high grip in changing conditions.

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