Summer Holiday Fun for Everyone

If you’re a parent, the approaching summer holidays may feel slightly daunting! How will you fill the long summer break with the children at home? How will you afford all the extra activities? And how will you keep everyone happy, when everyone wants to do different things? The struggle is hard! But fear not! Take a look at our guide to low-cost, accessible activities that will keep the whole family engaged, focus on time spent together and won’t break the bank!

Getting Crafty – Summer Scrapbooks

A few summers ago, I asked my children what they had enjoyed most over our six weeks at home. Well, like typical kids, they had forgotten so much of what we’d done! So now we make summer scrapbooks… and we love them! Why not grab your kids a large pad of paper each, hunt around at home for some pens, colored paper, glue and some sparkles and let them create their own journals. Stick in tickets or flyers from the places you visit, print out some photos, draw pictures or write diary entries. It’s a beautiful way to help them remember all the fun you have together.

Crafting materials are laid out on a table and a child's hand is pictured using the Nimble one-finger cutter to cut the paper.
The Nimble is fantastic for cutting craft paper

If crafting is tricky for your child with reduced hand function – or if you struggle to help them because you have a hand function disability – we have some amazing tools to support your crafting sessions.

Our wide range of scissors means we have something to support everyone. From those who are developing scissors skills and just need a little extra help, to those with no grip or little fine motor control. Take a look at our Easi-Grip Scissors, Table Top Scissors, Nimble and many other options. Lots of our scissors come in adult and child sizes.

Table-top push-down scissors. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.
Our Table Top Scissors just need a push to close, then they spring back open.

To support drawing and writing, we have a range of pencil grips for those working towards a classic pincer grip. If holding a pen or pencil is not possible at all, our Small Item gripping aid is a fantastic and versatile solution for holding any small diameter item. And it’s now available in a mini size for young children. Finally, the FUNctional hand can be great to support a whole-hand grasp. Not just for pens and pencils, it can be used with paintbrushes, glue sticks and much more.

Xanthe using the FUNctionalHand to hold a paint brush. She is creating different colours spots.
Xanthe uses the FUNctional Hand to paint

Summer Picnics and Tea Parties

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Why not make a day of it and prepare some food together, go for a stroll to your favorite park and then enjoy a picnic in the sun? And if the weather is against you, the little ones will have just as much fun having an ‘indoor picnic’ on a rug with their favorite teddy bears! Cooking or baking can be a lovely way to make memories together. It can also encourage your children to try new foods and increase their independence in the kitchen.

A dad and his young daughter are sharing a picnic. The dad uses cutlery with loops to overcome his reduced hand function, while serving pasta salad.
Rob and our daughter share a picnic in the sun.

Confidence with cooking can be difficult to foster when reduced hand function makes even simple tasks frustrating. At Active Hands we have worked hard to create a range of products that support both adults and children to cook safely and enjoyably. From a simple cup of tea to a full family meal; it’s all possible with the right tools.

Sandwiches are a staple of any good picnic! Our Sandwich Prep Board is designed for those with limb difference or one-sided weakness. It holds the bread in place while you spread your butter or filling, making this task straight-forward and quick.

sandwich prep board with bread, a knife and a jar of peanut butter
The Sandwich Prep Board

If you are baking a little treat for dessert, why not let your little ones decorate it by themselves? Our Icing Pen is great for children and adults alike. No need to hold onto a slippery icing bag, or grip tightly. Simply choose from any of the four nozzles it comes with and squeeze the handle to release the icing. If you are a keen baker, why not take a look at our Baking Pack, which contains everything you need to bake delicious treats without the frustration of reduced hand function?

A child uses the icing pen to squeeze pink icing onto a cake below.
Decorating cakes is great fun!

Once you make it outside for your picnic, our range of cutlery options should make dining a fun and independent experience. Choose from our wide range of cutlery options to find the right solution for your child, or yourself.

Various cutlery options in use
Our cutlery options make eating independently a possibility for many people.

Getting Sporty Together

Keeping kids active over the summer can be quite a challenge! But with some planning, sports can be a great way to spend time as a family, help the little ones burn off some energy and get your teens off their screens for a few hours!

Many local leisure centres in the UK will hire courts by the hour for a variety of sports such as table tennis or badminton. So even if the weather is temperamental, you can still get active easily. For many other countries, table tennis is a free outdoor option with tables available at parks or beaches. Our Angled Aid is perfect for holding a table tennis bat and comes in a range of sizes. Rob also uses his Angled Aid for swing ball in the garden and we know many customers who love it for pickle ball, baseball, tennis and much more.

James pushing with the rubber strap on his angled aid
The Angled Aid is perfect for racket sports.

If you have a family pet and are keen for the children to get more involved in their care and get some exercise at the same time, why not check out our Pet Pack? The clever MagLoc Connector and Handy Leash Dog Lead avoid fiddly lead connections. This means dog walkers can hold the lead safely without any need to grip it.

no-grip dog lead taking dog for walk
The Handy Leash sits safely around your thumb.

Safe in the Sun

Finally, with a little luck, the weather will be sunny and warm all summer long! With this in mind, hydration is vital. Make it easy for your children to keep drinking with our collapsible water bottles. Their bright colours make them stand out (and so a little less likely to be left behind at the park!), while their silicone finish with large ridges means they are easier to hold than standard, smooth bottles. The loop at the top of the cap means they are easy to carry, or clip onto a rucksack.

Red collapsed water bottle, purple and green bottles partially extended and blue bottle fully extended
Keep hydrated with our Collapsible Water Bottle.

However you choose to spend your summer as a family, we hope you have a fantastic time. And if you find that one of our range of products makes life a little easier, or adventure a little more possible, why not share a photo or comment with us? Drop us a line on our social media channels or send us an email – we love to hear what you’re all up to!

Johanna Smith

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