Mountain Trike aftercare and servicing with Cycle Tech UK

The maintenance and servicing of the Mountain Trike products is an important part of the after care, it will help ensure your Trike is in tip tip condition and performs at its best.

Maintaining your Mountain Trike couldn’t be easier as many components of the Mountain Trike are similar to those found on a mountain bike so you can book in your annual service check with your local bike shop or order new parts with them.

However, for some customers and for our growing number of organisations who have their own fleet of Mountain Trike products getting to a local bike shop can be difficult.

We are therefore delighted to have partnered with mobile bicycle specialists, Cycle Tech UK, who have a network of cycle technicians that can come to you to service Mountain Trike wheelchair products.

Mountain Trike Cycle Tech UK
Mountain Trike is partnered with Cycle Tech UK who provide mobile servicing and maintenance for their wheelchairs.

This service is particular useful for organisations who have their own fleet of Mountain Trike’s for visitors to use to help with access to their outdoor spaces, such as the National Trust and English Heritage.

Regular servicing of the Mountain Trike is an important aspects for organisations to ensure their fleet of Trikes are serviced and safe for public use. The expert service a Cycle Tech UK technician provides is a simple and easy solution for staff to manage and ensures that the Trike’s are maintained regularly.

Mountain Trike serviced by Cycle Tech UK
Cycle Tech UK technician experienced in providing service and maintenance of the Mountain Trike wheelchair

View or download the Cycle Tech UK PDF which explains more about their service with links to book and find your local technician:

Cycle Tech UK Premium Service

Visit the website for further information about Cycle Tech UK