Mountain Trike products preowned market and buy back option

The Mountain Trike products have been around since 2011 and over the years our product range has gone from 1 to 5 and our customers have gone from 1 to thousands – across the globe.

The preowned market for the Mountain Trike products has always been relatively small, but with more products out there and changing customer circumstances we have found that the preowned market for our products has become much more buoyant.

For a number of factors we have decided to address the preowned market to try and assist customers wishing to sell or buy.

Due to the high-end specifications and that each product is bespoke made we are under no-illusion that the Trike is an expensive bit of kit – so for some the biggest barrier to purchase is finding the funds – everyone loves a bargain and a preowned Mountain Trike is an excellent affordable option. However, our products are pretty complex and our ethos has always been to make sure the end user is getting a product that is right for them and this is the same for the second hand market.

We have found that on some occasions customers have purchased a Trike that isn’t quite right for them. We offer a range of accessories and also eKit options so we really want to help ensure customers avoid buying a preowned Trike that then needs more money spent on it to get it right for them.

We are also getting approached by people wanting help selling a Trike which can be quite daunting.

This is why we are now operating a Buy Back Scheme.

The Seller

If you have a preowned Mountain Trike product to sell this is how our scheme works:

  1. Seller to email us information about the Trike they are wishing to sell: model, year purchased, colour, any accessories, a couple of recent photos of the Trike (include any close up of any scratches/worn parts), along with the serial model number (we can tell you where to locate this if not known). This is so we can carry out a visual assessment of the Trike.
  2. Once assessed we will then be able to give you an estimated buy back price for your Trike. The buy back price will depend on age, condition and accessories etc. Please note, this money will not be transferred until a new owner has been found.
  3. If you are happy to go ahead at this stage, we will arrange a collection from your home address free of charge and we will then ‘hold’ the Trike at our secure premises until a suitable new owner is found. We would provide written confirmation of receipt of your Trike, the confirmed buyback price and details of buyback agreement for your records for the duration that the Trike is with us.
  4. Once we have found a new buyer, we will let you know and the agreed buy back price will then be transferred to you.
  5. We will then fully service and make any adaptations necessary before sending the Trike to the new owner.
  6. If for some reason you decide that you would like your Trike back during the time we are looking for a new owner, we can arrange a courier to return the Trike back to you and will just charge the courier fee for the return journey.
  7. In the unlikely scenario the the Trike is still with us after an agreed time (approx 6-8 months), we can arrange for it to be returned to you free of charge.

The benefits of this for the seller is the confidence knowing that we will find a suitable much welcomed new home for the Trike. It also means the seller does not have to get involved with the practicalities of selling on the Trike themselves – we will sort all this out for you. It will also mean you don’t have to store the Trike until you find a buyer.

Mountain Trike storage for preowned Trikes
We can store your Trike until we find a suitable buyer.

If the buy back scheme isn’t for you then there are many second-hand selling sites, such as, ebay, Gumtree, Preloved etc as well as social network market place pages, although do be cautious of scams with these online platforms and ensure you outline key information about the product you are selling.

Please note that if you are selling your Mountain Trike that the 3 year warranty doesn’t transfer with the sale.

The Purchaser:

If you are in the market for a preowned Mountain Trike, there is certainly a growing number of products becoming available.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement and we will see if we have a suitable match from our preowned range that we currently have available. We would recommend a similar process as if you were buying a new Trike, so would ideally arrange a demo and fitting for suitability, we can then discuss any accessories or adaptations that might be needed.

The resale value will take into account model, age and amount of time spent on reconditioning / servicing. Once the sale has been agreed, all preowned Trikes will be fully serviced before being delivered.

Mountain Trike servicing
All preowned Trikes will receive a full service by our expert workshop team before being delivered to a new customer.

The majority of preowned Trikes have not actually been used that much (depending on the age of the Trike), which is one of the main reason for the Trike being sold, so the condition of many is that they are like new. Regardless of the age the 3-year warranty doesn’t transfer with the sale.

Alternatively, if you can’t wait for a preowned Mountain Trike to come onto the market then check out our 0% Finance packages (UK only) – all you need is the deposit to secure your order and with our flexible payment plans this could be an option to help with the purchase of a new Trike. More detail is available about our Finance packages here.

Many customers have also successfully purchased their Mountain Trike through fund raising and crowd-funders – so this is another option for buying new.

We hope, this information is useful for sellers and buyers for the preowned Mountain Trike market.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss selling or buying a Trike from us.

Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair range
  • We have limited storage so will only hold around 4-5 second hand products at a time.
  • We reserve the right to resell to the most suitable customer at the time.
  • We only buy back Trikes in the UK, but can re-sell preowned Trikes to anywhere in the World.