My eTrike all terrain wheelchair is my walking shoes

Limi Jones who lives near Grantham in the UK has had her eTrike a couple of years, but she lacked confidence getting out riding it as much as she should – that was before she discovered the gym and it changed her view on a lot of things.

Here is Limi’s account about her journey rediscovering herself…

“My Trike has become part of my mental health journey and the confidence to go and do things physically – this is what I told the reporter from BBC Look North (our local news programme), who came to my gym to interview to me and my personal trainer about the importance of exercise on mental health and positive self image.

As part of my journey over the last year and half, going to the gym meant I could feel my body getting stronger. This then made me feel confident in what my body could do which meant I was more willing to do more with my Mountain Trike.

Originally when I got the Trike I didn’t push it too far as I was frightened that I might hurt myself. So I chose to go on smooth, flat beaches which in itself was fantastic! I’d never done that before!

Now, 18 months on, with increasing strength in my working muscles, I felt I could test the Trike out on more difficult terrain. So, I took it to the Lake District and went up to a viewpoint which I could never have done without my Mountain Trike and the new found strength and confidence in my bodies ability to move.

The track up to the top was tricky, sometimes steep, rocky, narrow, twisting and other times easier slopes. When I eventually got to the very top, the view was incredible to me! I couldn’t stop smiling – looking out across the lake, the distant mountains, the huge expanse of sky was breathtaking that I actually cried.

eTrike all terrain wheelchair
Limi’s eTrike has become her walking shoes as she expands her horizons and explores new outdoor places.

I looked down to a pub by the lake, it was like a metaphor of what my life was like before going to the gym and getting my Trike, which was perfectly lovely but when I was down there, in the space of the pub, the mountains and lake surrounding it was huge and dominating. It was like a metaphor of things in my life that I was frightened to do because I didn’t think I was capable of doing things that able bodied people could.

The journey to the summit was like my physical and mental health journey of going to the gym. Sometimes up, other times down and other times difficult, but I did it!

Looking down at the pub, just, like my change of mental perspective the pub looked so small, and the mountains no longer look so scary. In fact, they looked exciting and I feel ready to expand my horizons physically and see what else I can do.

The Trike is my walking shoes. It enables me to stride out into the physical world that I couldn’t have done before.

Thank you everyone at Mountain Trike for making such an amazing piece of equipment!”

Limi’s interview was aired on BBC Look West Programme on 8 February 2024 and the article is published, here.

We can’t wait to see the adventures that Limi has with her eTrike, discovering and exploring new places. Her words really emphasise how exercise, fresh air and getting outside is so important for your mental health.

Thanks Limi we are thrilled to hear about your new found confidence and delighted that you are realising the Trike’s full potential – go get ’em!

Limi Jones, eTrike all terrain wheelchair
Limi now has the confidence to explore the great outdoors with her eTrike, all terrain wheelchair.