Kidz to Adultz South – What a Day!

We had a lovely (sunny!) day at Kidz to Adultz South in Farnborough last week. It was busy as ever with lots of families & Occupational Therapists coming to try out our products, see what’s new, and attend CPD seminars.

As a small business without a physical shop, exhibitions are a great opportunity for us to meet our customers, and a great chance for you to try our products in person before you buy!

It’s time for a round-up of your show favourites! Don’t forget, everything we demonstrated can be purchased from our website.

Show Favourites

eazyhold straps laid out all holding items

EazyHold Straps are always popular at exhibitions because they’re so versatile! Parents especially like that they encourage children to still try and hold the object independently.

Pink mini aids used on a trike

Our General Purpose aids are still our all-time best-sellers. Perfect for use in the gym, for gardening, even for DIY! Parents love our ‘Mini‘ aids for under 5s – great for holding onto trikes!

A carrot is being peeled with the palm peeler

We are blown away by how popular the Palm Peeler continues to be. This easy-to-use peeler sits in the palm of your hand. Much more simple and safe to use than a conventional peeler, and quicker too!

Hand holding card holder with cards fanned out. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.

Kids and adults love our card holder – it holds up to 14 cards! Slot the cards into the top and turn the blue sides of the card holder in opposite directions to fan out your cards – ready to play!

All-purpose, bread and carving knives with right-angled handles for those to relieve strain on wrist for those with arthritis and other hand or wrist function disabilities

The right-angled design of these knives gives those with weakness in their hand or wrist a firmer and more comfortable grip. Great for learning cooking skills with reduced hand function.

magnetically connect your phone charger

Plugging a charger into a phone is one of the most fiddly jobs imaginable. You liked that you can leave the connector inside your phone and simple offer the cable to it when it’s time to charge.

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