Pet trailer fits perfectly to the Mountain Trike

We were so sad to hear from Mountain Trike customer, Amanda Davidson, about her support dog, Jupiter, having to go into immediate retirement due to an impingement on his spinal cord.

However, the smile was soon back on our faces when Amanda explained what she had been doing to ensure the two of them could continue with their outdoor adventures.

With the help of Support Dogs and a generous gift from, Travelling with Pets, Jupes is still able to get out for occasional short walks and meet up with his friends.

Mountain Trike pet trailer
Amanada powering on in her Mountain Trike with pet trailer attached

What a fantastic bit of kit and how strong is Amanda powering them around – Amanda has a Mountain Trike without the eKit so this set up is fully fuelled by Amanda alone!

Amanda says it is really easy to connect to her Mountain Trike and feels like she is on a slight incline when Jupes is onboard.

What is that phrase – it’s a dog’s life!

Another great inspired add-on for the Mountain Trike.

Mountain Trike pet trailer
Happiness is… getting outside together with your best friend!

Check out the short video of Jupes enjoying a very smooth ride!