How to: adjust / clean the disc brake on Mountain Trike wheelchairs

Disc brakes aren’t immune to developing noise such as squeaking when the brakes are applied.

If you experience noise / squeaking / squealing when using the brakes it could be for a number of reasons

1 – Calliper needing aligning

2 – Pads needing cleaning or replacing (can be caused by people putting too much oil on their chains and it getting on the brakes)

3 – Other factors like main axle bolts or drive carrier bolts or calliper bolts being loose

People with older types of brakes, (e.g. Avid DB1 or Avid Elixir or Avid Juicy) may see a benefit to buying a newer system, our latest braking system is the SRAM Level brakes, but you could still experience squeaking/squealing from the new brake system. If you are finding your brakes need regular bleeding then the seals may be wearing out which aren’t sold separately so you may consider replacing their brakes instead.

The downloadable PDF instructions help will assist:

Brake Pad Cleaning

Brake Calliper Adjustment

Your local independent bike shop should be more than happy to look at the brakes on your Mountain Trike as the brakes are the same as those found on a mountain bike. Or alternatively contact us or the distributor you purchased your Mountain Trike through for further assistance.