MT Push all terrain wheelchair gifted to Lummi Island in Washington

Sapphire Blue was the much loved MT Push all terrain wheelchair of Laura Marie Del Grosso who named her wheelchair Sapphire Blue.

The MT Push was purchased some years ago through Paul at Spokes ‘n Motion, our USA distributor – the family from Phoenix, Arizona were able to enjoy lots of happy family time together and experience the wonder and joy nature brought to them.

Laura was born with a progressive genetic disease, Spinocerebellar ataxia 7 – it first presented in Laura when she was three years old and progressively worsened, eventually leading to her death a day before her 25th birthday.

The family wanted to provide others with the opportunities Laura had had with her MT Push, so the they contacted Paul at Spokes ‘n Motion to see if he could find a family or suitable location where the MT Push would be well used and appreciated.

Paul was aware that Lummi Island Heritage Trust were in the process of raising funds for an all terrain wheelchair to enable their community with limited mobility to enjoy the beauty of Lummi Island. As a result Paul asked the family if they’d consider donating Laura’s MT Push and now Sapphire Blue is located at the Resource Center in the Otto Preserve for anyone to borrow and use.

Laura’s family are thrilled that this arrangement could happen and that Sapphire Blue will be used to bring joy to others that are challenged in life with mobility issues.

Read the full story and learn a little more about Laura and her lust for life, here.

More information about Lummi Island Heritage Trust and borrowing Sapphire Blue can be found on their website.

Paul has also arrange for a second MT Push to be donated to Lummi Island which will be available at the Curry Preserve later this year.

Lummi Island Washington
Aerial view of Legoe Beach, Lummi Island