All terrain wheelchairs supporting access for all at Giant’s Causeway National Trust in Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway is an iconic landscape in Northern Ireland cared for by the National Trust. The stone columns left by volcanic eruptions 60 million years ago captures the imaginations by all who see it.

The site has a number of wheelchair and mobility scooters available to borrow during your visit and recently they took delivery of 4 Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchairs offering more choice for visitors with limited mobility.

Available are 3 MT Push all terrain wheelchairs which are attendant style wheelchairs and suitable for a range of users and ages who are unable to self-propel. The fourth wheelchair is a Mountain Trike which is propelled by the user using the lever drives. All of the wheelchairs have air suspension and hydraulic brakes offering a safe and comfortable ride.

The wheelchair vehicles are available to be used free of charge (admission fees apply) and available on a first come first served basis subject to availability. Staff are available on site to offer advice.

For more information and to help plan your day please visit the Giant’s Causeway website.

Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair
Visitors to Giant’s Causeway National Trust can borrow a Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair