Gadgets for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can affect children to varying degrees depending on its severity. Symptoms can include weakened arms and hands coupled with clumsy and uncontrolled movements. This means that it can often be a frustrating struggle for children to carry out basic tasks. Active Hands provides a number of gadgets for Cerebral Palsy that are perfect for overcoming everyday challenges. So take a look below and see how many could be of use to you and your little ones…

General Purpose Mini Aid

The General Purpose Mini Aid is a colourful kid’s size version of our hugely popular gripping aid. It has a whole host of different uses including:

  • gripping sports equipment
  • holding onto the handlebars of a trike or bicycle
  • gripping various writing/drawing/colouring implements… and more!

The soft, durable neoprene material combined with the sturdy velcro straps ensures a comfortable yet solid hold is maintained, allowing for hours of fun and games!

Pink mini aids used on a trike
Mini aids are great for trikes…
eazyhold straps laid out all holding items

EazyHold Straps

The EazyHold Straps are another highly versatile aid. They come in a variety of different sizes and can be attached to any number of items such as toothbrushes, hair brushes, paintbrushes, colouring pens, toys and drinking bottles. Once attached, your child can slide their hand in and the anti-slip strap will hold the item against their palm.

Toothpaste Dispenser

Squeezing toothpaste out is often a disaster waiting to happen! Often more ends up in the sink or on clothing than on the actual brush! This is where the Toothpaste Dispenser comes in. Once the tube is loaded into the top, your child simply needs to push their brush head into the slot at the bottom and the necessary amount of toothpaste is dispersed onto it, crisis averted!

Toothpaste dispenser and holder in bathroom, toothpaste being applied. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.
left hand side of the picture shows a child pulling down a zip with a zip grip: righthand show the magzip connecting magnetically

Zip Grips + Ankhgear Hoodies with MagZip

To help children tackle finicky zips, we have Zip Grips. Clipping onto the existing zip, they give you a ring loop to put your finger through. This allows you to pull the zip up and down using just one finger! If your child struggles linking the two zip segments at the bottom, then why not pair their Zip Grips with an ANKHGEAR Hoodie. The two segments attach together magnetically, meaning no more frantic panicking mid-downpour!

Zubits Magnetic Laces

A stylish accessory to add to your child’s shoes, Zubits Magnetic Laces are available in a variety of different colours and completely negate the need to fiddle around tying laces. Once attached, your child can slip their shoes on and off, using the magnetic grips to clip the laces together!

Zubits magnetic laces . Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.
Once your hand is in the glove you can remove the glove pilot

Glove Pilot

If your child struggles getting their fingers into gloves then the Glove Pilot could be the answer. Slide the device into the glove, then follow your fingers along the grooves as they are guided inside. Put wet gloves in the glove pilot and hang them over the radiator to dry!

Sixth Digit 2 + Cat Tongue Phone/Laptop Grips

Whether it be for educational, recreational or other practical purposes, children are spending an increasing amount of time using phones and tablets. However, using the touchscreen is not always the easiest thing when your fingers aren’t doing what you want them to. The Sixth Digit 2 fits over the last two fingers of the hand and has a stylus tip. This ensures that children are able to get the most out of their devices without hand and finger issues getting in the way. It can also be used for pressing buttons on a keyboard or with gaming controller pads!

If gripping a phone, tablet or laptop is the issue then try attaching one of these Cat Tongue Grips. Once attached, they will hold it in place on any surface, including the palm of the hand, lessening the fear of expensive breakages!

sixth digit and Cat Tongue phone grips - all the tech solution you need for your phone if you have reduced hand function
children's cutlery grips being used by a child to eat peas and 3 flexible prospoons

Children’s Cutlery Grips + ProSpoon

Specifically designed for smaller hands, the Children’s Cutlery Grips fit over a wide range of utensils and also writing implements. The chunky, silicone handles are long-lasting, fully washable and provide an enhanced grip; offering an increased level of independence.

These can work perfectly when used in conjunction with the General Purpose Mini Aid as well as the ProSpoon. The ProSpoon was designed by a feeding therapist to be firm yet flexible, meaning it is gentle on the teeth and can be bent slightly for children with limited dexterity.

Card Holder

Card games are great fun for children of all ages, but issues around holding them can sometimes take away the enjoyment or willingness to take part. That isn’t a problem when using the Card Holder. Slip the cards in between the two plastic disks, then gently twist them in opposite directions and the cards are fanned out and held in place, ensuring no one is left out during family Uno night!

Hand holding card holder with cards fanned out. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.
Storage pouch in use. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.

Storage Pouch

Perfect as a pencil case for school stationery, the Storage Pouch can also be used to hold things such as children’s medicine, small toys, cutlery grips, and other helpful aids and items. The loops at either end of the zip allow you to hold it with one finger whilst opening and closing it by pulling the long, looped tag on the zip itself. The looped tag can also be used to carry the pouch, which is available in five different colours. 

Long Loop and Table-Top Scissors

Cutting things out, both at home and at school, is a common activity for children. However a weakened grip or poor motor control can lead to a frustrating time trying to open and close the blades whilst attempting to cut neatly in the required direction. The Long Loop Scissors have been designed with an extended lower loop, allowing your child to fit their bottom three fingers into it whilst using their index finger to guide the stainless steel blades. This gives them increased strength, stability and confidence when cutting. 

For an even simpler method, try the Table Top Scissors. These sit open on your work surface and operate by simply pushing down on the large T-shaped handle. The hidden spring means the blades will automatically open up again once you release pressure, allowing your child to quickly and easily cut along something using only the palm of their hand. They come with a blade guard and case for safe storage.

Two types of scissors that we offer for those with Cerebral Palsy - Long loop and table top
Nimble - one finger package opener opening ham packet. Adaptive kitchen equipment. Suitable for reduced hand function: tetra, quad, cerebral palsy, SCI, spinal cord injury, stroke and more.


If your child is struggling to open the likes of food packaging, gift wrapping and such, then they may need a Nimble; the world’s first one-finger opener! Slip it onto your finger like a thimble, then swipe it along whatever you want opening and the tiny, zirconia ceramic blade will cut through it with ease. The safe blade profile means that you cannot cut yourself whilst using it, making it much safer than a knife and an ideal addition to pack a lunch box! 

So there’s our list of handy gadgets for Cerebral Palsy to help make your child’s life that little bit easier. To view the complete list online, just head over to our shop page, tick the boxes marked ‘Children’ and ‘Cerebral Palsy’ on the left hand side, and start scrolling!

Gareth Herridge

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