Can You Magnet Fish sitting in a wheelchair?

Can you magnet fish sitting in a wheelchair?
Casting when Magnet Fishing

Yes, you can Magnet Fish sitting in a wheelchair!

As a father who wants to spend time with my family, trying to give my son a good experience in life, this includes time away from the computer screen and video games. Looking for a past-time we can all do was fascinating. Some ideas came up in my thoughts, but I finally settled on trying Magnet Fishing.


As I have gotten older and more experienced in life, I have learned to conduct research when starting something new. And don’t jump into something like a bull in a china shop. Surprisingly, there are plenty of resources out there now we have the wonder of the world wide web. Instantaneously, websites that share information inspire and help others get into the activity at a button click. They are suddenly in view. Not to forget Youtube, which is hugely beneficial as well.

Where to start magnet fishing?

Various websites claim to be selling the best fishing magnets. In addition, different YouTube videos show guys, families and kids magnet fishing in multiple locations worldwide. They find exciting scrap or junk lying on the water bed. Some items have been submerged for many years, with rust, weed and lichen living on them.

There are countless details and tips from sites that help the keen magnet fisher find the best locations. To start participating in this activity. Your local river, meandering through fields, might give a prize. However, more exciting finds could be found, fishing in built-up and industrial areas. Furthermore, a river, or a water edge, by an area with a demolished factory. Or possibly, or old mill might even be better treasure troves.

River Wye
This part of the River Wye used to have Jackson’s Mill on its edge near here.


Can you magnet fish sitting in a wheelchair? On one hand, the battle to get to water edges might have to be questioned. Although on the other, I’m confident that I have the ability to lift my front casters will help me get across fields and over rough terrain. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to carry the kit – which is getting quite numerous. Various size magnets, carabines, rags or old towels, a box to carry our finds home and various lengths of rope.

The kit

Yes, a magnet. A giant strong magnet. But not too strong. Getting it off the item found might be the biggest challenge!

Can you magnet fish from a wheelchair
Dipping Magnet

The strongest magnet we’re currently using has a 200lb pull and can be tough removing it off items. Although if the Magnet’s strength is more, it might not allow easy release of the find, in or out of the water. For example, suppose the prize the Magnet is attracted to is too heavy to be lifted out, a dumped moped or a largeish safe. Consequently, it may be lost forever.

Additionally, the rope needs to be strong and secured to the magnet in a tight Knot; I don’t recall any of the knots I learned in the Cubs. So this involved another successful visit to YouTube.

After a suitable location is found, a knot tied, and a magnet cast – we start to haul in all kinds of exciting items.

The finds

The results are coming in quickly. Attracted to the magnets are pieces of old junk, wire, nails, scaffold poles, rods, and even a wheel clamp. Old clamps of some description and brackets emerge from the water attached to the magnet. Components that I imagine used to be part of massive machines operating in the Mills that sat on the river’s edge, absorbing its continuous power.

I wonder why all these things are left or why they have been dumped in the river?

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