The SDMotionTrike in association with Mountain Trike


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Steering Developments (SD) – a leading vehicle adaptation and wheelchair conversion specialists to help create the latest all terrain wheelchair model – the SDMotionTrike.

This unique wheelchair is a fully powered joystick all terrain wheelchair built using the robust Mountain Trike frame and the Steering Developments powered wheels system.

The combination of the MT frame and SD Motion will give people the freedom and independence to travel off-road and go further if they are not able to self propel a manual chair.

Using the same components to those found on the Mountain Trike means there is no compromise to the terrains the SD Motion Trike can travel over – uneven ground, gravel, grass, mud, sand, snow. And with the SD Motion system it means that the rider can power on with confidence using the simple and easy to use joystick. 

Here is a first look at this unique and new design:

Brief Technical Specification:

  • Choice of Ni-Mh or Li-ion batteries
  • Easy to operate, 5-speed Joystick Controller
  • Highly efficient brushless motors with built-in braking function
  • Range upto 13km / 8 miles (with Ni-Mh battery)
  • Range upto 25km / 15.5 miles (with Li-ion battery)
  • Weight 33.6kg
  • Quick release wheels for ease of transporting

This is very much a first look and we are working with Steering Developments to gauge interest and continue to build our all important user feedback.

Please email if you’d like to be added to our enquiry list for the SD Motion Trike.

Once we are all happy and the new product is ready to go into production all sales will be handled through Steering Developments.

Mountain Trike are in the process of going through the certification documentation (which, yep, you guessed it takes a long time and involves an enormous amount of paperwork), but our friends at Steering Developments already have the certification in place to adapt the Trike by adding the power system, so rather than delay getting the product to market, Steering Developments will be handling the ordering and the sales process. 

As soon as we have our demo model available Roger will be offering demos to potential customers around the UK, in the same way we currently do with our other all terrain wheelchair models – providing customers even more all terrain wheelchair choice and enabling more people access to the great outdoors.

As ever we aim to make our various Mountain Trike products modular to suit our customer’s changing needs and it is the aim that the SD Motion Drive will be back-fittable to existing Trikes. Any Trikes built prior to August 2019 (when we made various improvements to the chassis for our eTrike) may need more modifications but we can advise on the merit of this Vs. buying a new unit.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like further information about the SD Motion Trike and keep an eye out for news as we finalise the development of this new Trike and bring this exciting new product to market.