The SD Motion Trike Kit in association with Mountain Trike


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Steering Developments (SD) – a leading vehicle adaptation and wheelchair conversion specialists to help create an adaptation for our all terrain wheelchair model – the SD Motion Trike Kit.

This unique wheelchair will be a fully powered joystick all terrain wheelchair built using the robust Mountain Trike frame and the Steering Developments powered wheels system.

The combination of the MT frame and SD Motion Drive will give people the freedom and independence to travel off-road and go further if they are not able to self propel a manual chair.

Using the same components to those found on the Mountain Trike means there is no compromise to the terrains the adapted joystick driven Mountain Trike will be able to travel over – uneven ground, gravel, grass, mud, sand, snow. And with the SD Motion system it means that the rider can power on with confidence using the simple and easy to use joystick.

Here is a first look at this unique and new design, which shows the Mountain Trike adapted with the SD Motion Drive kit: