Do I have to pay to park using a blue badge?

Blue Badge Parking
Disabled car parking badge being displayed in the front of a car windscreen

Do I have to pay to park using a blue badge? Private car parks you do. At council car parks, you need to check. You may need to register your car registration number with the council to park for free. However, check signage or online before you do!

Where can I park? Do I have to pay to park using a blue badge?

Disabled Parking
Disabled Parking Bays

If using your badge on on-street parking. This parking is unlimited unless restrictions apply. Sill makes sure you check for signs.

Although off-street car parks, such as those provided by shopping centres, hospitals or supermarkets, ought to provide disabled parking bays but are subject to separate rules. Don’t expect them to be free; look for signs to check.

Parking in Central London

Cation is needed if wanting to park Central London boroughs. The blue badge scheme does not fully apply in four of the boroughs due to specific traffic management. Namely the City of Westminster, the City of London, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and part of the London Borough of Camden. Checking before you travel is sensible.

Yellow Lines

Yellow Lines – For instance, as a blue badge holder, you can park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours, don’t forget to put the clock in the window set to your arrival time. You may not park where yellow kerb dashes and signs notifying loading and unloading areas.

Thankfully, a blue badge can be used at parking meters and pay and display machines for any length of time.

If you are travelling abroad, your blue badge can be used in some EU Countries, including Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Check online before you travel.

There may be an exemption on some tolls – again, check before travelling.

Parking clock usage with a blue badge

The parking clock needs to be used when parking on yellow lines and places where time is restricted. Make sure the clock indicates your arrival time. Again scanning the area on the lookout for signs for information to confirm whether to use it or not.

Beware – where can I not use my blue badge?

BewareYOU do not have the entitlement to park on.

  • Yellow lines in off-street car parks.
  • On Private roads unless permitted by the owner(s).
  • On zig-zag markings at pedestrian crossings,
  • Bus stops in hours of operation.
  • School ‘keep clear’ areas during school hours.
  • Within 10 metres of a junction (unless in authorised parking space).
  • Anywhere it might make the road narrow or hold up traffic.
  • Transportation lanes – Bus, Tram, Cycle.
  • Where there are double white lines in the centre.
  • When a parking meter is suspended
  • If there are parking restrictions are being enforced.
  • Clearways.
  • At a dropped kerb.
  • On a pavement – unless signs say different.
  • Where emergancy vehicles need to operate & park.

What if I want to travel by train?

Can I park for free at a train station? Do I have to pay to park using a blue badge?

Watch out! Different Train operators around the country apply different rules for the car parks. Check online with the chosen station of departure for their rules to help make sure commands are followed.

I want to be trated like everyone else!

Are you happy to pay to park? Equally, I want to be treated like anyone else.
Furthermore, quite often there is an argument that ‘disabled people’ want to be treated like anyone else, and not to feel like an outcast or in the way. So why is paying to park a big issue?

After disembarking from the car

Finally, a suitable space is found. Firstly, do I have to pay to park using a blue badge?
Thankfully, there is enough space to have your wheelchair next to the car’s driver’s door to transfer into. Is the parking bay close to where you need to go or is it some distance? Besides using a convenient parking spot, having good, confident wheelchair skills will help with carrying on with the day with ease.

Additional information

More details on who is entitled to a blue badge, what you need to apply for one and where from and also how to renew your parking permit can be found on these websites,

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