Part-time on wheels – Mountain Trike customer blog, definitely worth a browse!

If you hadn’t picked up on this yet, we really do love nothing more than hearing from our customers and learning more about them – their stories, travels and any other general stuff they are doing – from cooking, to what annoys them and what makes them happy!

So, when we learnt that Nicki Berry, one of our Mountain Trike customers, had her own blog we were quick to click on it and were soon engrossed in the content.

Not wanting to be selfish and keep this information to ourselves, we thought we’d add the link (to her blog) on our blog, so you too can dip in and out from time to time.  

There are some great entries on accessible routes with lots of detail about the terrain, any access issues, info about toilets, parking and also detail about what else you might want to do while there.

Nicki Berry with Liggy
Nicki’s blog provides detail about accessible routes and any obstacles there might be en-route!

The blog isn’t just about outdoor access, but also has really interesting and useful content such as planning a trip, choosing the right wheelchair and some yummy recipes too.  

The first entry starts back in 2015 and continues up to the present date – it is really easy to view and click archived articles which might be of interest.

Anyway, if you fancy a read from time to time, we’ve include the link below – I know we’ll be dipping in and out and may well share specific detail from time to time across our networks (keep an eye out socially). These will mostly be articles Nicki has posted relating to trips out and about with her all terrain wheelchair.

Nicki’s blog:

Part-time on wheels


Nick Berry pictures
A snap shot of outdoor places featured on Nicki’s blog

Nicki Berry photos
Some lovely outdoor places to visit

Thanks to Nicki Berry for access to her photo library too!