Watch as the eTrike, all terrain wheelchair tackles some tough terrain

Steve Hughes is one of our experienced Mountain Trikers and has clocked up many, many miles over the years.

He likes a challenge and pushes himself and the Trike to the limit!  

He is a regular visitor to the woodlands and off-road paths close to where he lives.  He took his eTrike and had a fab day at Sherwood Pines cycle park heading off one of the main tracks he made his way through a fire break – which was covered with fallen branches and tree roots.

The video (below) really highlights how the eTrike can power on and over whatever gets in the way and what looks like an impossible route for a wheelchair is made possible with the eTrike.

This second video shows how Steve controls his eTrike when travelling over roots and down a very steep path.  

You can see how experienced rider Steve controls his eTrike – steady control is needed at all times. You can see how slowly he is coming down the track and also how sensitive the brakes can be. Gentle soft squeezing is required particularly on the really steep sections.

Steve is pretty fearless and as you can see all smiles at the bottom – never one to shy away from a challenge!

The eTrike all terrain wheelchair offers flexible riding and can be ridden manually or with the power assist. Independence and the freedom to ride where ever no matter what your ability might be.

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