Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair company features in Ezvid Wiki as an innovative mobility solution

The Mountain Trike Company were recently contacted by Ezvid Wiki – a video wiki organisation based in California.  They discovered the Mountain Trike company and our all terrain wheelchair products and featured us in their wiki video: “5 Organisations and Companies Helping People with Mobility Issues”

The 5 organisations and companies listed offer innovative mobility solutions, home care, and a variety of support services. 

We are delighted to be recognised and listed with a diverse group of innovative companies and for our all terrain wheelchair products to be included bringing awareness to the US and global market.

Full detail about each of the 5 companies improving life for those with physical limitations can be viewed by clicking the link below:

5 Organizations & Companies Helping People With Mobility Issues

Watch the video wiki below, companies aren’t featured in any particular order, we are company four to be featured (2.50):

Mountain Trike featured in Ezvid Wiki as an innovative mobility solution from Mountain Trike on Vimeo.