Testing the MT Push electric assist all terrain wheelchair

We are very excited to be moving forward with the much awaited MT Push electric assist and Tim has been testing the MT Push with prototype electric assist kit fitted.

Tim has made adaptations to the eKit with modifications to the steering ensuring the motor wire is secure.  Following the first outing all appears to be working well, so a very promising first test ride!

The next stage is to limit the speed settings and testing the thumb throttle as well as the twist throttle setting.  Then it will be a case of lots of further testing over a variety of terrains and situations.

As ever the safety of our customers and users is imperative, so we will be continuing to test, test and test some more! 

Following the launch of our eTrike we have had a lot of enquiries and interest in an electric version of our MT Push – so hopefully if won’t be too long before we can offer the MT Push electric assist as part of our product range.

We will keep you updated with progress. 

Please contact us if you’d like more detail or to be added to our enquiry list.

MT Push electric assist prototype
Tim test riding the MT Push electric assist prototype – hopefully not much longer to wait for this product launch!