An easy fit – the eKit adds power to the Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair

Dale Leach from the Midlands has owned his Mountain Trike for around 3 years and recently had the eKit fitted to his Mountain Trike.

The Mountain Trike – an all terrain wheelchair is powered forward by the rider using the unique lever drive system, however the eTrike / eKit provides electric assistance through a battery operated kit – the Trike can still be used manually, but when a little assistance is required a twist of the throttle activates the electric power assist – allowing the rider to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.

Dale got in touch with us to let us know how he has been getting on using the Trike with the eKit, below is his fantastic feedback:

“I wanted to let you know how things have been during lockdown and how the e-kit addition to my Trike has completely changed my life!! 

I can honestly say without the Trike during lockdown I do not know how I would of coped, not only has it given me the freedom physically to get out and about but also the impact on my mental health – to be able to go literally anywhere and not sit back and watch from a far! I know you guys know how life changing the Mountain Trike is but from someone who uses it everyday it genuinely is life changing not only for me but my whole family! I would encourage anybody who’s thinking of getting a Mountain Trike to add the e-kit. I’ve owned my Trike for 3yrs now and this e-kit has transformed it, you can’t put a price on how it’s impacting on my life, going on longer days out, bike rides, up steep hills the list is endless! 

I can’t thank you guys enough for what you have done for me, stay safe all of you!”

eTrike from Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair company
Dale has been enjoying lots of great days out with his eTrike during lockdown, pic taken at Lickey Hills near Birmingham