Additional distributor for the Mountain Trike, all terrain wheelchair company in Canada

RAD Recreational Adapted Society are all about independent living – founder, Tanelle Bolt has a passion for the outdoors and believes an active, independent lifestyle is possible, despite ability. 

Several years ago, Tanelle was involved in an accident and sustained a life-changing injury, leaving her paralysed.  During her journey since her injury, Tanelle recognised that there was a distinct lack of equipment and resource available to live an independent life if you have mobility issues – she also saw the high price bracket of adaptive equipment, which is a huge barrier for many.

Tanelle set up RAD, a charity based in British Colombia, Canada, to provide an inventory of adaptive sporting and outdoor equipment for low-cost short and long term rental purposes. Tanelle also runs a number of charity fundraising events. 

RAD, Canada Mountain Trike
RAD, distributor of the Mountain Trike, all terrain wheelchair products across various states in Canada

Tanelle was able to purchase a second hand Mountain Trike, all terrain wheelchair so that it could be rented as part of her adaptive inventory. This is how the Mountain Trike Company was first introduced to Tanelle and we could immediately see her passion for the outdoors and the synergies we had to help as many people as possible to have the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle, no matter what their ability might be.

We are delighted that Tanelle at RAD has become a distributor of our all terrain wheelchair products.  RAD will continue to offer the hire scheme and will also provide a try before you buy service to customers located in the states of British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon. Tanelle will also be on hand to provide pre and post sales queries and sales for our all terrain wheelchairs.

Bob Hudson from MT Canada will continue to provide the same service to customers located in the states of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and all other smaller regions.

Canada is a fantastic country offering a variety of outdoor opportunities and pursuits – all of us at the Mountain Trike Company are thrilled that our products will be available across all states of Canada, helping to provide off-road and outdoor solutions for active wheelchair users. 

For further information about RAD please visit the website, here and contact Tanelle direct   or Bob 

Tannelle Bolt, RAD Mountain Trike
Get back to the outdoors with Mountain Trike – now available to try and buy at RAD, Canada