Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair brochures

Our website is pretty comprehensive and hopefully explains all you need to know about our Mountain Trike products.  However, from time to time we do get requests for brochures or leaflets.  Also, our customers are our biggest advocates and like to have leaflets to hand out when they get asked about their Trikes.

We’ve added leaflets about each of our products here so you can download and print off (we don’t have a leaflet specifically for our eTrike yet).  Below is a PDF which shows all of our all terrain wheelchair products.

There is also a separate leaflet for the MT Push and MT Evo.  The final leaflet explains detail and pricing for our UK hire scheme.

Click on the link below and the file will open for you to either view, save and print.

For further detail please visit the website here or contact us here.

All Terrain wheelchair leaflet (all models, eTrike, MT, MT Push, MT Evo and the eKit))

MT Push leaflet

MT Evo leaflet

Hire leaflet

We have a partnership with specialist seating company SOS,  click link here for further detail.  They offer an adapted moulded seat for our MT Push model. Click the link below to the brochure to view or to save and print:

MT & SOS specialist seating – leaflet