All weather cover and protection for your Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair

A rain cover or protection cover is something we do get asked about to help keep the Trike protected from the elements – or even from dust, dirt or scratches when transporting or storing your Trike.  

Some of the National Trust properties who have a fleet of Mountain Trikes often keep their Trikes outside during their opening hours and with our ever-changing weather need something to ensure they stay dry and clean.

Or it might be that you transport your Mountain Trike using a bak-rak or trailer and wish to use a cover to protect it whilst transporting.

We don’t have a cover specifically for our Mountain Trike products, however, a mobility scooter cover is large enough to fit over our Trike products.

We’ve found one which has great reviews and is a good price.  It is sold through online independent living, Complete Care Shop.

These are lightweight, easy to fit and clean. 

Click the link below for full detail and how to buy:

Mobility Scooter Rain Cover.

Alternatively, visit your local mobility retailer who should be able to recommend a suitable cover.  A large motorbike or bicycle cover would also work.

If you find a protection cover that works well for your Mountain Trike wheelchair please let us know and send us a picture so we can share with others.

Please also visit our blog piece about storage solutions for your Mountain Trike.