eKit – enables your lever drive Mountain Trike to have electric power assist

With the recent announcement of our new eTrike – electric power assist all terrain wheelchair, we have been asked the question whether there is a kit available to add power to the current standard lever drive Mountain Trike.

eTrike, electric power assist all terrain wheelchair
The newest model to be added to the Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair range – the eTrike, electric power assist wheelchair

Well, the answer is yes there is – the eKit has been designed for this very purpose.  Whether you already own a Mountain Trike lever drive wheelchair or you’re planning to purchase a Mountain Trike now or some time in the future, the eKit can easily be fitted.  

For a full spec of the eKit visit the Mountain Trike product page and scroll down to the compatible accessories section where you’ll find detail about the kit. 

eKit - power assist kit for Mountain Trike
The eKit – power assist kit can be fitted to the standard all terrain lever drive wheelchair

We understand that your circumstances may well change – or it might be that you just like the sound of having the option to have that little bit of extra oomph from time to time! The beauty of our eTrike and eKit is that is offers flexibility so you can choose how you ride and when you may want some assisted power – you can ride manually, powered or hybrid.

So, here is what you need to know…

The cost of the eKit is £2295 and we require a £1000 deposit to secure your order (finance is available).  This cost does not include fitting the kit to your existing Mountain Trike and for this you have a couple of options.

We are more than happy to fit the eKit to your Mountain Trike, if you choose this option we recommend we give your Trike a full service. If you wish for us to do this you have three options for getting your Mountain Trike to us:

  • Arrange with us a suitable day / time to drop your Mountain Trike to our HQ in Nantwich, Cheshire and collect it again once the eKit has been fitted.
  • We can arrange a courier to collect your Trike and then deliver it back once we have fitted the eKit. This would require you to pack your Mountain Trike up suitably ready for the courier to collect and the cost will be £100.  
  • Or, via a courier we can send an empty box to you and they’ll wait whilst you put your Trike into the box and then deliver it back to us.  This would cost £130 and the Trike would be delivered back to you after the fitting and service.

The labour/service would be dependent on what condition your Mountain Trike is in and we estimate that service and fitting would be approx 4-7 hours at £30/hr.

Alternatively, you could ask at your local bike shop to see if they could fit the kit for you.  We would be able to provide detailed instructions for this (how to video coming soon too).  Of course you, a friend or family member could fit the kit.

The current lead time for the eKit is approximately 12-14 weeks.  To progress with the order we would require your full postal address, the colour of your Mountain Trike so that we can match the eKit to your Trike and your deposit.

Currently, the eKit is only available to be fitted to the lever drive Mountain Trike, but Tim is working on the design and engineering to see if it is possible to fit the eKit to the MT Push attendant all terrain wheelchair.  We’ll make more announcements as and when this happens.

Please contact us, here, if you would like further information or to place your eKit order.

eTrike - power assist Mountain Trike wheelchair
Add a little power to your Mountain Trike wheelchair with the eKit