Summer riding tips to help make the most of your Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair

Summer is here and we’ve been enjoying riding the dusty trails on the Mountain Trike in our local forest. Here are a few hints and tips to help you get the most from your Mountain Trike this summer!

As the trails are more hard packed, why not try pumping your tyres up harder – aim for 35psi which will improve rolling speed and help you ride further for longer. Wet, muddy conditions and softer ground in winter would require dropping the pressure back down to 30psi for grip.

We love going to the beach on the Mountain Trike, you may need help in the softer sand but once you are through that you can enjoy the fun of the seaside riding over the firmer sand and even exploring rock pools and stony beach terrain. Just be sure to give your Trike a good wash down afterwards!

If you have any Summer pictures or top tips please do contact us and send to us.