Cleaning tips and video tutorial for your Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair

The Mountain Trike has very similar high-end components to that of a mountain bike so its important to regularly clean the parts particularly after a muddy ride.

To keep the drive-train running smoothly and to prolong the life of parts, it is a good idea to give the chain a good clean and de-grease every few months or as conditions demand. We recommend ‘Fenwicks foaming cleaner degreaser spray’ (though others are available!) – it is excellent for cleaning out grit and grime from the chain links and a scrub with an old toothbrush will finish the job.

Some light spray lube or wet weather chain lube is all that is needed then to protect the chain (being careful to avoid getting lube on the disc brakes of course!). A good dose of spray lube on the steering cables will also help protect them in wet conditions and keep the mud at bay.

Take a look at our quick  how to video of Tim highlighting the areas to clean and maintain on the Mountain Trike.