Storage solutions for your off road Mountain Trike wheelchair

If you are thinking about getting a Mountain Trike or you already own one then storage is no doubt something you need consider.

The Mountain Trike is an expensive piece of kit so you’ll be looking for safe, secure and accessible storage solutions for your Mountain Trike and being an outdoor chair,  outdoor storage could be your preferred option.  We’ve looked at various options over the years and if you don’t have a garage or a secure out-building then Asgard Secure Steel Storage is an excellent storage solution and the Mountain Trike fits in perfectly to one of their secure bike storage sheds.

An approved, dedicated metal bike storage shed from Asgard will help to protect your Mountain Trike from damage and rust by shielding your Mountain Trike from the weather and theft. Their bike storage offers multiple locking points, pick resistant locks, Locksmiths accredited design, integral metal floors, dead bolts, insurance approved rating (level 1), integral cycle accessory storage and secure floor bolts.

The model that will fit your Mountain Trike is the Asgard Bike Storage X1 and is the storage solution to your security issues and concerns –  and will keep your hallways accessible and mud free. Made from strong galvanised steel, this particular bike locker features an integral wheel guide which securely aligns the Mountain Trike inside for a perfect fit, inside there are hooks for hanging all your accessories together with your Trike. Ventilation is another key aspect of the bike storage X1 – A ventilated door allows air to flow inside the unit even when locked – minimising condensation that might cause rot and rust. Like the Mountain Trike, all Asgard bike storage are designed and manufactured in the UK, assuring you of high quality engineering and production.

The storage sheds come in a number of colours and the handles can be fitted on the left of right.  Delivery to the UK is free and their products come with a 10 year warranty.

For more information please visit the website Asgard Secure Steel Storage or call 08456 580730 to discuss your Mountain Trike storage solutions with them.