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Tourism for All UK (TfA) provides information to disabled or older people on accessible accommodation and other tourism services in the UK and at selected overseas destinations. Every year they respond to thousands of people who may need help and support to enable them to take a break they may not have previously believed possible. Additionally, over 300,000 people have visited their website in the past 12 months.

TfA is a national registered charity, and its information service is backed by a website – Tourism for All, and supported by a helpline, 0845 124 9971. The aim is to provide lively, inspirational and comprehensive information that encourages people to try new things, see new places, and live life to the full!

As well as accommodation, travel, and attractions, TfA provides information about activity holidays for disabled people; equipment hire; places where care is available; escorts & carer services; and sources of finance towards the cost of a holiday for people on low income.

They also have a website called Open Britain, your one-stop-shop for accessible tourism within the UK. It can help you plan your perfect accessible holiday, whether you are looking for a B and B with wheelchair access, a restaurant with good lighting or an amusement park with accessible parking. The website allows you to search a number of properties within the UK to find a holiday destination that completely meets your needs whatever they may be.

How can you help?

They do need financial support to keep the service running – so please consider becoming a member of TfA for a small subscription, making a donation, or undertaking some fundraising – by shopping through their site, or supporting them through or maybe through sponsored activities perhaps?

But it’s not just about money. TfA would like to hear from you if you have come across anything that could be described as ‘wheelchair accessible’ elsewhere in the world. Much as they would like to, they do not have the resources that permit constant travelling around the globe, so all information that is fed back to them will be put to good use to provide disabled people with the tools to enable them to make an informed decision about whether a place or destination might be suitable to visit.

 A web address or contact details or images would be very helpful if these are available, so that the links can be added to their growing database of information.

What should I look for?

Well it could be as simple as finding accommodation with a wheel-in shower. Many of their enquirers are looking for this specifically.

If there is an overhead tracking hoist, a Clos-o-mat douche WC or other access provision please do get in touch, they would love to hear from you.

Accessible transport and attractions are also important for those travelling abroad, so all information would be gratefully received.

Tourism for All UK

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Many thanks in advance from TfA if you are able to help enhance their services in any way.

(Photography credit Pawel Libera and Calvert Trust Exmoor)