Wheelchair dog walking lead set

We have many customers who love nothing better than to explore the great outdoors with their four legged friend.  For various reasons having your dog on a lead can be tricky when out and about on your Mountain Trike –  trying to negotiate various terrains and obstacles whilst riding and trying to hold onto your dog lead can be quite a challenge.

One customer has found a great wheelchair friendly dog walking kit that comes highly recommended –  the ‘Trixie Deluxe Dog Walking Wheelchair Lead Set’ which can be purchased via Amazon here.  She says that this set is great and the spring makes a difference if you have a larger dog.

Pictured above is Mountain Trike owner, Amanda and her trusty friend ‘Jupes’ who enjoying heading out on adventures together.


We have also been contacted by a customer from Canada who recommends another dog walking kit, that he says is easy to use and makes walking his dog a very pleasant experience, check it out here.

Obviously, there are lots of other kits available – just search, dog lead attachment, dog lead leash for bikes etc and they’ll be many options to choose from.

Happy walkies for your furry friend!