Tyres – recommendation for your Mountain Trike wheelchair

Just like any other form of vehicles with wheels the tyres on your Mountain Trike will eventually get worn down and need changing.  It depends on how many miles you clock up and the type of riding you do as to how often these will need changing – but you’ll be able to gauge this.

The knobbly tyres offer better off-road performance and puncture protection, so once the treads start to wear down it is time to think about getting a new set of tyres.  The Trike wheels are 24″ we don’t tend to keep stock and the quickest and cheapest option would be to order direct from an online bike shop.

We recommend  Schwalbe tyres,  they are a lot lighter (almost 1kg a pair!) than the Halo tyres we’ve previously used so great for rolling and easier in transport too and still offer amazing puncture protection.

Follow the link to purchase online here.

Or search the internet for other supplies of  ‘Schwalbe Black Jack KevlarGuard 24-Inch Wired Tyre’.  Alternatively visit your local bike shop who should be able to order for you and if necessary help you fit them too.