Mark Adley, UK Mountain Trike customer has been having great fun ‘trying before he buys’ his wheelchair

Mark saw the Mountain Trike following our BBC1  Countryfile TV appearance and got in touch with us to arrange a demo – he opted to join Craig Grimes from Experience Community who arranges Trike rambles, country get-togethers and being a Trike user has a great knowledge of the Trike’s performance.

Here is what Mark has to say about his experience…

What a great day that was! Craig and the team were fantastic, both fellow wheelchair users and volunteers alike. He’s a great guy, and understood my love of the countryside and love of a good challenge. We went for about 3 miles over some pretty hefty rocky climbs, through deep mud (lovely!!) and down forest trails over thick pine needles and slippery tree roots – I would have laid money it was impossible get over these terrains in a chair!

Having spent much of the past year stuck in bed it was such an amazing feeling to get out into the countryside – I’d resigned myself to never seeing it again. The gears were not as much of an issue as I’d thought, and there were only a few instances (mostly on the flat or gentle incline down) that I felt as though I could have used a higher gear – using the brakes during steep climbs acted pretty much as a low gear.

So, please pass on all of my thanks and hefty congratulations to Tim for such a marvel of engineering. Having no engineering skills at all I can’t quite get my head around the mechanics of it all, but the grip was phenomenal!!

Since first trying the Trike in May I couldn’t wait to give the Trike another go, so a month later I was back out with Craig again and I’m now ready to buy my own Trike – my patience wouldn’t let me wait for a version with gears that Tim is working on – I’m itching to get my Trike after spending the past six months with little movement.  Having previously been a keen cyclist, in time I would like to Trike to work which is about 6 miles each way and with the option for the gears to be fitted this would be a fantastic addition.

Thanks so much, I can’t wait for my Trike and am sure you’ll be hearing more about my future Trike adventures!

We think Mark’s picture say it all really and has captured the joy of using the Mountain Trike!

Mark Adley, UK