Mountain Trike Evo – new product from the all-terrain wheelchair company

Mountain Trike Company add new product to wheelchair range – The Mountain Trike Evo

The all-terrain wheelchair company have added a new product to its wheelchair range – the Mountain Trike Evo (MT Evo) which is a Mountain Trike adapted for riders with limited hand function.

The MT Evo has been developed with close feedback from tetraplegics, quads and various people with limited hand function.  It has the same excellent all terrain performance to that of the Mountain Trike, but with even simpler controls – ideal for outdoor everyday use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops or a walk in the park.  The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain.

The MT Evo features include:

Brake Handle: a simple pivoting handle operates the disc brakes by moving your arm inwards.  Recommended use with Active Hands gripping aids, the system requires no finger function to operate.

Direct Steering: the unique direct steering means that the rider can steer and drive the Trike with only one arm.  Pivot left to go left, right to go right.  The simple steering gives excellent control for smooth turns and an easy ride across slopes.

Drive Engagement:  ergonomic loops give a great easy to use method of drive engagement for a wide range of people with limited hand function.

Disc Brakes: gives the rider great control and braking in all weather, over difficult ground and steep hills and are adaptable and adjustable for each user.

Air Suspension: gives the rider a smooth and comfortable ride when riding over rough terrain, rocks and tree roots or dropping off curbs, riding over cobbles with confidence knowing that the Trike is highly stable.

Talking about his latest product, Tim Morgan, Managing Director and Inventor of the Mountain Trike ranges, says, “Since launching Mountain Trike back in 2011 I have met many wheelchair users and I had often been asked about a product suitable for users with limited hand function.  Over the past year, when time allowed, I would work on various designs and more recently I’ve been working closely with a group of users who have been testing the prototype model.  I’m delighted to now be able to offer the MT Evo as part of our Mountain Trike product range.  From the research and contact we have received about such a product I am confident that we can help a wider group of wheelchair users get out and about enjoying the great outdoors over all sorts of various terrains.  It’s exciting times here at Mountain Trike and it’s fantastic news for us to be further extending our product offering to a wider range of wheelchair users.”

Rob Smith, founder of Active Hands Gripping Aids has been part of the user group and this is what he has to say about the MT Evo, “It’s been great helping Tim with the development of the MT Evo and it’s an excellent addition to the Mountain Trike off road wheelchair range.  It allowed me to have confidence in my ability to fully control the braking, steering and pushing of the Trike no matter what the terrain I tackled.  The lightness and ease of the new drive system is incredible, to help with the control it is recommended that the rider use an Active Hand gripping aid or something similar.  It really is a unique piece of kit and I’ve no doubt that the simpler control system of the MT Evo will really help tetraplegics and quads travel over any terrain.”

The Mountain Trike Evo will initially be sold direct to customers from their UK premises and over time the company’s distributors and experience centres will become affiliated with the new product to allow for demonstrations worldwide. The Mountain Trike Company are very committed to providing tuition and guidelines for the safety of their customers and will be recommending try out sessions and demonstrations before customers buy a MT Evo.  For those customers who already have a Mountain Trike and may struggle with elements of the braking and steering function there is an option for the Evo kit to be fitted to their current Mountain Trike.

The Mountain Trike Evo will retail for £4,550, it will be available in a choice of any colour, comes with a 3 year warranty and includes free delivery in the UK.  The MT Evo kit will cost £155.00 plus a cost for fitting.  Further information can be found here  or email the team Contact Us about any specific questions or adaptations.