Walking Laptop Desk Bag

Keep Connected to Your Work Whilst Away from the Desk

Trabasack Walking Laptop Desk

Man using a laptop with his Trabasack walking laptop trayA busy work environment calls for busy staff – in warehouse environments, active office spaces and beyond, many members of staff, especially those in coordinating roles, regularly find themselves away from the desk, which can make keeping up-to-date with electronic communication and computer-based work difficult.

Trabasack have created an innovative product that can solve this problem, in the form of the walking laptop desk – a desk that connects to you, to allow you to keep connected to your work without the need of a desk space.

The Trabasack Curve walking laptop desk provides a comfortable, portable workspace for your laptop, tablet computer or netbook whilst walking or standing.

Combining portability, practicality and comfort

The strong, supportive harness ensures the laptop remains safe and steady whilst you move, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

The curved, ergonomic shape of the Trabasack computer carrying tray means the desk sits tight and close around the waist whilst in use, adding extra stability and allowing you to further manoeuvre around your workspace with ease.

The Trabasack walking laptop desk works well with smaller laptops, netbooks and tablets or PDAs, and is ideal for those whom use work-specific electronic computing equipment and other tools whilst on the job. The Trabasack Curve walking desk has many commercial uses, such as taking readings whilst on the factory floor, or doing stock updates in a warehouse or supermarket.

The straps included with each walking desk will fit almost every body shape and frame, with its quick-release buckles making the desk easy to wear or remove.

The Trabasack Curve also acts as a laptop carry bag when not in use as a desk – the padded, internal zip pocket provides the perfect space for a laptop and other work essentials (such as barcode readers or hand-held work devices), and the straps can be readjusted to transform the desk into either a briefcase, rucksack or messenger satchel, ideal for any work style you desire.

The Trabasack Curve walking laptop desk is the innovative solution to ensure you stay mobile whilst you work.

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